Moving Towards Microflashing: Webinar


This webinar will walk you through the technological innovations in residential roof flashing methods that have helped Installers efficiently waterproof the roof. You’ll learn the difference between building codes and best practices and how to address conflicting AHJ requirements. Finally, we’ll discuss the future of flashing technology and why Microflashing is becoming the primary option for Installers looking to safely prevent leaks and save money on their future projects.

After completing this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Identify the pros/cons of various residential roof flashing methods
  • Understand the codes & best practices pertaining to residential roof flashing
  • Waterproof the roof safely and efficiently with Microflashing technology
Samantha Dalton
Marketing Director

Samantha Dalton is the Marketing Director and Lead Graphic Designer at SolarRoofHook. Since joining the team 3 years ago, Samantha has focused on creating brand awareness by producing high quality content such as email newsletters, printed catalogs, brochures, webinars, training programs, and videos. She has been instrumental in SolarRoofHook’s growth as an industry leader and expert on residential mounting hardware. Samantha graduated from the University of Oregon in 2014 with a degree in English. She is a total sci-fi nerd and can ace any Harry Potter trivia.

Rick Gentry
Executive VP of Sales

Rick Gentry is the Executive Vice President of SolarRoofHook and its parent company, Quickscrews International Corp. He was the first employee hired in 1987 and has led the growth of SolarRoofHook since 2009. Rick has brought his Sales expertise from the woodworking industry to solar, producing consistent annual growth over the past decade. By working directly with Installers to solve their problems, Rick has been able to build an innovative line of roof mounting solutions that has increased profits for Installers throughout the country. Rick enjoys spending his time outside of work with his family, wakeboarding, or rocking out in his “studio” garage.

Kelly Pickerel
Editor, Solar Power World

Kelly has been involved with the solar industry since 2011, when she became the founding editor of Solar Builder magazine. She joined the Solar Power World staff in 2014 and enjoys working on contractor profiles and hearing about new projects. Her areas of focus include solar services, mounting and racking, generation and panels, and the development of Solar Power World’s annual Top Solar Contractors list. Kelly graduated from Kent State University with a degree in magazine journalism and loves living, working and playing in Cleveland, Ohio.